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This form is to reserve catering services. Our catering department will be contacting you soon to confirm your date and to facilitate in the meal
planning of your event. Other menu options available and quoted by request! Visit us online at

Date of Event___________________________Time of Event_______________________Location___________________________________

Business/Organization______________________________________________Email address_______________________________________


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Our most popular business/workshop menu selections are listed below. Please order by number of guests you expect.
Final counts and payment are due 3 days prior to event date. Purchase orders and direct bill accepted with pre-approval only.
All pick ups after 3:00 PM will be charged a $25.00 service fee.

Simple Breakfast $7.00 (minimum 20) Count________ Fresh baked pastries served with seasonal fruit.

Adds to Simple Breakfast:
_____Granola & yogurt $2.00 per guest
_____Cheese platter $2.75 per guest
_____Scrambled Eggs $2.00 per guest

____Individual Quiche $2.50 per guest
____Frittata $2.50 per guest
____Roasted Red potatoes $2.50 per guest
____Bacon $2.50 per guest

____Sausage $2.50 per guest
____ Biscuits & Gravy $3.00 per guest
____Coffee $1.00 per guest
____Assorted juice $2.75 each

Basic Box Lunch $10.00 (minimum 6) #____Turkey #____Ham #____Roast Beef #____Veggie, served with chips, baby carrots & cookie.

Deli Basket Buffet $12.00 (Minimum 15) Count________  Our most popular lunch! Your guests will be impressed with an assortment of half sandwiches, fresh tossed salad, chips, baby carrots, & gourmet cookies.
Add additional salad for $2.00 per person, or a bottled water or Pepsi/diet for $1.50 per person

Soup and Salad $12.00 (Minimum 20) Count________  We are known for our wonderful soups! This lunch includes one soup
selection and two specialty salads, fresh bread, gourmet cookies, & baby carrots. A sure crowd pleaser!

Italian Lasagna $14.00 (Minimum 20) Count________  Our specialty meat lasagna in marinara sauce or vegetable lasagna in a
cream sauce or a combination of both! Served with fresh bread, layered garden salad, gourmet cookies.  Please order in pans of 10.

Pastries/Sweets: Pick up only 24 hour notice


Linen $8.00 per Table

Large frosted Cinnamon Rolls

$3.00 ea


90x90 White (60 inch round)   #______

Fresh Blueberry Scones

$2.00 ea


54x120 White (6ft rec tables)  #______

Assorted Muffins

$2.00 ea


Brownies/Bars $24.00/doz  #______

Bagels with cream cheese

$2.00 ea



Gourmet petite cookies




Coffee and Beverages Services



Hot Water

Air pot (12 cups)





Small Cambro (35-45 cups)





Large Cambro (75-85 cups)





Pepsi/Diet Pepsi

$  2.00

Regular #________

Diet #_____


Bottled Water

$  2.00



Juice Bottle Assorted

$  2.75



Special requests? Don't see what you like? Give us a call; we are happy to help!

A minimum $50.00 catering order is required for services. 17% customary gratuity will be added to all final invoices. Please let us know
in advance if you will be using a purchase order. All direct billings must be pre-approved. To assure availability please place your order
with as much advance notice as possible, with a minimum of 48 hours.  Final counts are requested three
days prior to your event.

Signature of Approval______________________________________________________________


Prices subject to change without notice. Updated